I grew up, like many young men in the US, with a passion for automobiles – shared by my father and older brother.  My father and brother were extremely talented in the restoration of cars and my brother’s first passion was for American muscle cars.  Together my family restored many American classics, including over twenty Corvettes.

I have always loved the pure aesthetic beauty of European sports cars and dreamed of owning a Ferrari, but I could never afford to purchase one.

When I was 18 years old, I found THE CAR. This car was my first TVR, a 1970 TVR Vixen S2.  The TVR was the perfect car for me.  It was simple to maintain, but very quick and nimble.  The British Ford 1600cc 4-cylinder Cortina engine put out only 88 bhp, but with the 1700 lb. car, it was fast enough for a teenager.

TVR Vixen S2 (almost identical to mine)