April 23, 2017

Nearly all good restorations need a refreshed or new wiring harness.  For cars of limited production such as TVRs, this can be especially challenging.  There are few suppliers for limited production cars and then you add the fact that some cars are manufactured as left-hand drive and others right-hand drive, this makes finding the right wiring harness difficult.

I was fortunate enough to hear about Autosparks from my good friend and parts supplier, Bill Rachel, of Dominion Spares, LLC.  I went out to their website and was immediately impressed with the classic wiring harnesses they had for so many British cars.  It was still a long shot that they would have a wiring harness for my left-hand drive TVR Taimar.  I was unable to find a stock version of the wiring harness, but talking to Debbie at Autosparks, they are willing to take my old harness and reproduce a new one.  In addition, the new wiring harness will be updated to standard multi-color wiring instead of the all black wiring in my TVR.

Back to the storage unit to pull the old wiring out of the dashboard and prepare it for shipping to England.  In a few months, I’ll have a new wiring harness which should be just in time for the body to go back on the frame.

If you are looking for a wiring harness for your British vehicle, check them out on the web.  They have a great selection of pre-made wiring and they will do custom work, too.

Autosparks —