Dominion Spares, LLC

Located in Reston, Virginia, Dominion Spares is a great source for all TVR and Griffith parts.  Bill Rachal, Owner of Dominion Spares, is knowledgable and dedicated.  He personally owns two TVRs, a 2500 M and a 280i.

Dominion Spares LLC
11654 Plaza America Drive #658
Reston, VA 20190

Contact:  Bill Rachal
Phone:     (703) 991-0179
email:  and

“I am very fortunate to have found Dominion Spares for my parts needs and I have been extremely satisfied with my purchases.  Bill is great at sourcing hard to find parts and then provides them at a  reasonable price.  He is knowledgable, resourceful and works hard to please his customers.  If you are serious about your car, this is the one company you must know.”  Jeff Dunn, Author of and TVR enthusiast.